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About Me

I herald from Yorkshire. Thinking rolling dales, or those Brontë windswept moors? Keep going south to where the biggest hill was the camber in the pavement. That part.

Then over the seas to university in Emerald Island. Ah yes here the wind swept northern shores. Studying French and German. Fun, but it was time to set my own agenda.

London and drama school grabbed me a last. Then into the big bad world. There has been wicked stories to tell the grandkids (some else's it seems), some amazing productions, wonderful times under the lights treading the boards, and in front of the lens some fascinating experiences on indie films. There's a few audio books you might find with my voice to them.

Thank you all who have been part of the journey. 

(I've got a couple of novels and screenplay if you're hanging around later)

Did you manage to catch any of them?

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